The Company. Our key Services. Our Mission.

Founded in 2013, IT Brains is an IT solutions and web design family owned company, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. Our branches are located in London and Madrid. In 2015 we have successfully started our business in Riga, Latvia. Our team of experts, dedicated to the success of our customers, will help our clients to achieve online success.  Our focus is on providing companies with key IT support and tools to help run your business more effectively.

We keep our mission simple: to provide reliable and flexible IT and web design services for small and medium size businesses, providing individual approach, customer service and professionalism to every project.


No need to hire an engineer for few computers. Trust professionals,  who can be your own IT department..


Starting with servers and complicated systems, ending with laptops and mobile devices. We can maintain everything.


You are not sure in your current configuration or need some advice in upgrade – let us know and we will achieve the best result together.


To be connected and protected, your network should be configured properly. We deal with all type of network devices like, firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi devices, SPAM filters and so on.


To have a proper backup – means to be protected against failure and so save you time or even business. We providing different backup solutions including local, tape and cloud backups.


We have tools to log every your single query. All queries will be properly processed, notifying you about each step. We love to help our clients!