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At IT Brains we take data backup very seriously. In fact, it’s one of the first things we ask about when talking with new customers. It’s really that important.

With so much at stake, we understand how vital it is to have the right backup solution that fits YOUR business needs. One size just doesn’t fit every situation.

We have years of backup and restore expirience, we can choose the most suitable way for you.

Local storage backup

The most popular type of backup. The storage is connected to your network or dirrectly to the serve and backup software just do  data backup to this storage.

Tape backup

This kind of backup  is  very usefull if you want to store your data for a long time. Your bussiness may request to store data outside your office, so this is good solution to store it in safe location, protected agiainst disaster.

Cloud backup

If you want to do a backup to cloud have a copy of your local backup – this is your solution.

We a lot of practices how to do that.

Shadow copies

Windows build-in  and very effective feature. When correcty confiugred may be the quickest way to restore single files or folders.