IT and network security

We deliver IT security solutions that can help you to to protect your businesses IT infrastructure and network from harmful viruses, spam, spyware and other malicious software.

Network Security

We provide a range of class-leading firewall devices to increase network visibility, providing your network with protection at the frontline perimeter, and from other web-based attacks. This is achieved via technologies designed to prevent virus attacks, malicious behaviour, and application level attacks.

Email Security

On-Premise Email security is required when you are running an internal email system such as Microsoft Exchange Server. We have a lot of experience in email server protection with build-in and third-party applications.

Endpoint Security

Whether it’s a PC, tablet, smartphone, or even a USB device, every device on your network will be protected with the same security policies. Any device that doesn’t meet the strict standards of your security rules is denied access to your network.